While I was a College Fellow at Harvard in 2013-15, I taught two undergraduate courses on topics in political psychology. You can find the syllabi for these courses below.

Political Psychology (Gov1372, undergraduate lecture course, offered Spring 2014).

This course examines the psychological mechanisms behind political behaviors and institutions. Topics covered include voting behavior, campaigns and media, partisanship, political violence, and racial attitudes. For these and other topics we ask not only what happens but examine how human psychology makes it happen.

Link to syllabus.

The Individual and Society (Gov94is, undergraduate seminar, offered Spring 2014 and Fall 2014).

`No man is an island’, John Donne wrote in 1624. How do the modern social sciences illuminate this timeless insight? How do human beings, living in technologically advanced large-scale societies, affect each others’ beliefs, actions, perceptions and preferences? How much can we really rely on our own intuitions, judgments, and even (self-perceived) rational conclusions to be objective and/or neutral? In this course, we cover modern classics of the social sciences to answer questions like these and many more, all aimed at improving our understanding of the complex interplay between societies and their individual members.

Link to syllabus.